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Going through a stressful application process is difficult for anyone, especially a student heading for undergraduate studies abroad. Even though I knew that I wanted to apply to the UK I soon realized that it would not be as easy as I thought. Having a mentoring figure like Katerina around was how I managed to produce an application that genuinely reflected who I was as a person and helped me achieve my goals of studying at a UK university. Specifically when trying to express myself in my personal statement I found difficulty in correctly portraying myself as a strong applicant, Katerina guided me through this tricky process and worked with me until we produced an application that could show universities that I am a strong and successful applicant. She also pushed me to understand my strengths and see how I was a strong applicant, believing in myself was a vital step in the transition between school and university, and Katerina was a vital part of that process.

Kallia Panayiotidou
Computer Science, University of Bristol

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